Snowy Ecovillage Scenery

10 Good Reasons to Come to Frog’s Way During Cold-Weather Months

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1. Warmth: Our radiant heat floors and super insulated walls makes the place feel really cozy and comfortable (check out this article on how Danes stay happy in the winter through Hygge). 2. Culture Galore!: Ithaca is an incredibly culturally…


Standing Up for Our Place on Earth

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Frog’s Way is one of over 200 local businesses that are committed to stopping fracking for natural gas in our area. We see this collective resistance as a way to save our air, soil, water, quality of life, and our…


Taking Time to Savor the Season

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Fall seems like a time when things would slow down from the hustle and bustle of summer, a time to enjoy the changing  landscape, the cool breezes, and the tastes of the fall harvest.  But just when it seems like…


Great Breakfast Food on Your Own Time!

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At Frog’s Way, we offer you not only several options of delicious local, organic, and homemade breakfast food, we let you decide WHEN to enjoy it! Whether you want to get an early start on the Finger Lakes Trail or…