Newly remodeled Dining/Kitchenette/Living part 3.

Feedback Matters!

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Your feedback really matters here at Frog’s Way! After two or three clever comments on why & how to relocate our kitchenette, we’ve turned the common/living room space into a more spacious and convenient kitchenette. The redone table easily accommodates...
21 boxes

Ithaca: Not Just Gorges

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When asked what Ithaca is most famous for, many people would answer “gorges”. And our gorges are indeed glorious and amazing natural works of art. But Ithaca also has gorgeous art that is human-made. The first Friday of every month,…

Snowy Ecovillage Scenery

10 Good Reasons to Come to Frog’s Way During Cold-Weather Months

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1. Warmth: Our radiant heat floors and super insulated walls makes the place feel really cozy and comfortable (check out this article on how Danes stay happy in the winter through Hygge). 2. Culture Galore!: Ithaca is an incredibly culturally…


Standing Up for Our Place on Earth

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Frog’s Way is one of over 200 local businesses that are committed to stopping fracking for natural gas in our area. We see this collective resistance as a way to save our air, soil, water, quality of life, and our…