We are located at
211 Rachel Carson Way
Ithaca, NY 14850
For more information about anything,
please call Elan at 607-592-8402,
email us at frogswaybnb@gmail.com
or fill out the form to the right.

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From downtown Ithaca take Hwy 79 West (Seneca St.) through the center of town, cross Hwy 13 (Meadow Rd.) continue on Rt. 79 for 1.5 miles west of town, uphill, until you pass West Haven Road on your left. Take next left, Rachel Carson Way, a gravel road, for one-half mile, (speed limit is a strict 15 MPH, then 10 MPH!). Stay on the wide road, and keep right. When you get to a mound/traffic circle that has a sign with an arrow pointing forward to “Song”, go around 180 degrees, and forward, continuing to the end of the road by the woods with tall trees. Skip Visitor Parking which is not close to the B&B. Find a parking spot near the trees (or a bit back on the road you just came in on).

Find a parking spot near the trees (or a bit back on the road you just came in on), and if you have a substantial amount of luggage, walk over to the “Welcome to SoNG” sign by the large building at the edge of the woods, past which you will find garden carts for transport.

Assuming we’ve arranged to meet you, give us a call and we will come out and orient you to the neighborhood and the B&B.
If you are checking yourself in, go past the welcome sign, directly across the central open space in front of you. Our house, and B&B, is number 211, with a light blue metal roof. Lighting on trails at night is dim, so it may be helpful to have a flashlight. B&B entrance is first, lower, right side entrance of house. Peach Room is first, Lavender Room is second on the right, once you enter.

If you need help finding us, call 607-592-8402.

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"What a beautiful environment you all have created - I have so enjoyed the quiet and the sounds of nature, children and the wind. I feel as if I've been washed through my soul with peace and serenity - that is because I have. Thanks!"

− Gary L.

"Loved the hot tub, looking up at the stars and moon, bathed in warmth in spite of the crisp air. The sounds of nature serenaded us. Very comfortable bed and pillow. Particularly loved the granola and coffee. "

− Jenna W.

"Frogs Way is a unique place in a beautiful setting. The entire place combines comfort with a commitment to environmental responsibility. My room was so comfortable with a magnificent view over the valley and the town of Ithaca. During my visit it snowed and the view from my room was exquisite. Eco Village is such an inspiring community of folk dedicated to walking the walk, living out a shared commitment to living consciously and responsibly. I loved the nutritious food, the explanations about the values the community upholds, and the precious community they have created. It is so rare to find a bed and breakfast that is so comfortable and also so inspiring. I learned a lot during my stay about how to live more simply and consciously while having a great time."

− Brian, West Tisbury, Massachusetts

"A delightful two days in the quiet, lush, redeeming countryside, yet only minutes from all the features of the town. Thanks for your generous hospitality. We must return to enjoy all the activities we didn’t pursue this time! "

− Dennis & Andrew R., Columbus, Ohio

"Thank you for being such gracious hosts. I have been here less than 24 hours and I already feel part of the community! I am so happy to have found Frog’s Way. "

− Risa, Toronto, Canada

"Thanks so much for the peaceful respite. We so enjoyed hiking the trails, the birds singing, and the soothing ambiance.

− Carolyn and John, Rochester, NY

"This stay at SONG village rocked, the fridge was always well stocked, granola and cherries, and also raspberries, and a whole lot of gourds down the block.

− Andrew

"We had 3 beautiful nights here. The hot tub was a real pleasure. We saw almost all the falls, and we are taking a few ideas home, to live slower, more organic, with less stress! "

− Oona, Guida & Rachel, the Netherlands

"I am so impressed with what you have done here and with EcoVillage - you are all truly living your dreams. "

− Miriam

"Thank you so much for putting me up at such short notice. EVI was a delight, from the thumbnail toads a-hopping and a-leaping at my entrance way to the copious amounts of literature to the rustic landscape to the inviting pond to all the hospitality and the common meal. I'll be bringing a lot home with me to NJ. "

− Anne B.

"Places like this village are things storybooks are written about. All of us have left with new book titles to order from your library and are wondering how we can replicate the delicious granola on our own. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We hope it won’t be long before we make it back. "

− Andrea, Erin, Jessie, Anna, Shazana

"Thanks for hosting us! We appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, the addictive granola, all of the little perks (swimming, the hot tub, fresh berries), the chance to learn about the village, and your excellent tips re: waterfalls and restaurants. "

− Brian and Karen, Ottawa, Canada

"What a cozy B&B! The thoughtful little touches (homemade yogurt and granola, massage oil, and reading lights) make all the difference to the stay. We will recommend Frog’s Way and hope to come back ourselves! "

− Kyle A.

"We weren't there long, but wish we had made arrangements to be able to stay longer. Elan took the time to highlight some local restaurants for us and guide us on the map to some of the best local attractions."

− Tammy, Ontario, Canada

"Merci beaucoup to Elan and family, Ecovillage, and the town of Ithaca for all being such welcoming, enjoyable & thought-provoking hosts during our stay! "

− Jessica, Lyon, France

"Frog's Way is a great option for anyone looking for a quiet place to stay outside of downtown Ithaca. The surroundings are beautiful and I was greeted with fresh picked grapes and peaches upon arrival- a perfect end to the summer! "

− B. S.

"I loved it here! It's so beautiful, so much nature, even the little frogs (live!) on our doorstep. Rachael and Elan, you were great! And I loved learning about your co-housing EcoVillage community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to learn more about cohousing communities. "

− Sophie G.

"You went above and beyond being a gracious and generous host. Thank you so much. "

− Glen & Tim

"Thank you for your warm hospitality. Your neighborhood and community seem to represent all that matters in balancing life on this planet. We had a great time "

− Melissa and Natalie.