Your stay at Frog’s Way makes a Positive Difference!

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My 1/2 to 2/3 time work keeping up Frog’s Way, covers enough of our household expenses to support my volunteering 1/3 to 1/2 time in a leadership position in a number of community-enriching local causes, including:

  • Building Bridges Coalition (promoting a just and ecologically sound local economy, including elimination of structural racism and poverty, and fossil fuel dependency.
  • Coalition for Sustainable Economic Development (CSED) (same vision as above, with special focus on economic development, construction projects, energy systems, and workers rights)
  • Showing Up For Racial Justice (local chapter of the national organization of whites who self-organize to support racial justice in our communities, including the Black Lives Matter movement)
  • We Are Seneca Lake (a nonviolent resistance movement committed to stopping infrastructure development at our neighboring Seneca Lake for storing and distributing fracked natural gas)

If you’re curious about any of these groups,  check out their websites (except for CSED) and/or ask me questions.

In addition, 10% of your guest fees go to support the educational work of EcoVillage of Ithaca, which gets visitors year-round from around our region and around the world.

My focus in all of these efforts is applying in the home place that I love, the solution-oriented, systemic change strategies that are playing out all over the world.  And having fun together doing this.

Thank you for your support!

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