New Frog’s Way Amenities Show Power of Community

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Being embedded in a thriving ecovillage community, Frog’s Way benefits from the creativity and generosity of its many gifted neighbors.  We think our guests will enjoy these additions as much as we do.  Above, a big swing set right near the front of the Frog’s Way building, used by people of all ages.

Bench facing hills 2014A new bench overlooking the big pond is a great place to enjoy the peace of this place.
The bench was built unannounced by an unnamed neighbor.

gourd lamps frog 2Gourd lamps in Frog Common House supporting a new business–
Hands on Gourds–of a delightfully innovative neighbor.

Tree planted
Mulberry, persimmon and plum trees planted in a nearby meadow are part of a twice-a-year community
tree-planting program.  The trees will provide fruit, shade out invasive shrubs, and enhance biodiversity.

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