So what’s so green and sustainable about our B&B? A whole lot, and we keep finding new ways to demonstrate that green living can be affordable, beautiful, comfortable, and good for all people and species.

Frog’s Way is built with nine kinds of local woods; super-insulated walls; double-pane, south facing windows for maximum solar heating and lighting; and nontoxic stains and paints. We decorate with photos and paintings of local scenes by local artists, with flowers and seedpods gathered on our land, and with home-made quilts on the beds.

Our super efficient natural gas boilers send hot water through radiant heating floors. Our electricity is provided primarily by solar panels, our programmable thermostats keep energy use down, and we keep appliances unplugged and lights off as much as possible. We recycle and compost and provide nontoxic soaps, shampoos, cleaning supplies, tissues, and toilet paper. We provide cloth napkins and washcloths and avoid daily changes of sheets or towels.

We are located in one of three, co-housing neighborhoods demonstrating cooperative, inter-generational living, with no car traffic between the houses. These neighborhoods are part of an ecovillage, which is part of a global network of communities striving to “live well and lightly together”, and ensure a positive future for all life.

We provide 175 acres of land with trails, woods, ponds, farms, wetlands and meadows for recreation and renewal; a library in each bedroom with books and magazines on sustainability, community, natural health, and cultural and natural history of our region; easy access to Ecovillage tours, meals, events, and common house buildings; and encouragement to experience our neighbors in the village by helping out with cooking, food harvesting, or meal cleanup.
We keep our rates affordable, pay at least a living wage to all people who work with us, and purchase products made by companies that minimize harm to people, animals, and ecosystems .
We provide mostly local, organic, vegetarian foods for breakfasts, many of them home grown and prepared. Our kitchenette facilities help keep your eating costs low and reduce the need to travel just for food. You can pick berries right outside the B&B and wild on the land; learn about farming by helping out on our 2 on-site farms; and eat inexpensive, organic, local food meals in our 2 community common houses on most week nights.
We hope your stay with us is a pleasant way to experience and try lifestyle changes that work for greater personal and planetary health, cost and energy savings, community, and a high quality of life.