Feedback Matters!

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Your feedback really matters here at Frog’s Way! After two or three clever comments on why & how to relocate our kitchenette, we’ve turned the common/living room space into a more spacious and convenient kitchenette. The redone table easily accommodates four people and is now at a great height for cooking and prepping food.

We continue to offer our extensive local, homemade, and organic breakfast options but now the improved living room/diningroom/kitchen also has space for your own food storage and an extra guest refrigerator.

The changes have greatly improved the eating and food prep space while keeping the relaxing feel of the living room. We’ve added yoga mats for your use, and an improved selection of games as well. It is an extra space away from the guest bedrooms which gives more privacy and quiet to all.

The former kitchenette/entryway is much less crowded with a substantial space for hanging coats and leaving shoes. It still includes a small table for casual sipping and conversation.

Don’t forget – our hot tub is available in all four seasons. Our miles of trails are great for skiing and the pond is frozen and smooth for skating!

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